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SimPT_Sim::CellAttributes Class Reference

Attributes of Cell. More...

#include <CellAttributes.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CellAttributes (unsigned int chem_count)
BoundaryType GetBoundaryType () const
int GetCellType () const
double GetChemical (unsigned int c) const
std::vector< double > GetChemicals () const
int GetDivisionCounter ()
int GetDivisionTime ()
double GetSolute () const
double GetStiffness () const
double GetTargetArea () const
double GetTargetLength () const
void IncrementDivisionCounter ()
bool IsDead () const
bool IsFixed () const
virtual std::ostream & Print (std::ostream &os) const
virtual void ReadPtree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &cell_pt)
BoundaryType SetBoundaryType (BoundaryType b)
void SetCellType (int ct)
void SetChemical (unsigned int chem, double conc)
void SetChemicals (std::vector< double > const &chem)
void SetDead (bool dead)
void SetDivisionCounter (int div_counter)
void SetDivisionTime (double div_time)
void SetSolute (double s)
void SetStiffness (double stiffness)
void SetTargetArea (double a)
void SetTargetLength (double l)
virtual boost::property_tree::ptree ToPtree () const
 Convert the cell attributes to a ptree. More...

Protected Attributes

BoundaryType m_boundary_type
int m_cell_type
std::vector< double > m_chem
bool m_dead
 For future use, when apoptosis gets set up.
int m_div_counter
 Keep track of divisions in the cell ancestry.
int m_div_time
bool m_fixed
double m_solute
double m_stiffness
 Stiffness like in Hogeweg (2000).
double m_target_area
double m_target_length

Detailed Description

Attributes of Cell.

Definition at line 36 of file CellAttributes.h.

Member Function Documentation

ptree SimPT_Sim::CellAttributes::ToPtree ( ) const

Convert the cell attributes to a ptree.

The format of a cell attributes ptree is as follows:

<boundary>[the boundary type]</boundary> <dead>[true if the cell is dead]</dead> <division_count>[the number of divisions of the cell]</division_count> <fixed>[true if the cell is fixed]</fixed> <stiffness>[the stiffness]</stiffness> <target_area>[the target area]</target_area> <target_length>[the target length]</target_length> <type>[the cell type]</type> <chemical_array> (for every chemical this cell has) <chemical>[the value of the chemical]</chemical> </chemical_array>

Reimplemented in SimPT_Sim::Cell.

Definition at line 103 of file CellAttributes.cpp.

References SimPT_Sim::WallType::ToString().

Referenced by SimPT_Sim::Cell::ToPtree().

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