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SimPT_Sim::WallAttributes Class Reference

Attributes associated with a wall. More...

#include <WallAttributes.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WallAttributes (unsigned int num_chem)
 WallAttributes (double rest_length, double rest_length_init, double strength, const std::vector< double > &transporters1, const std::vector< double > &transporters2, WallType::Type wall_type)
void CycleWallType ()
double GetRestLength () const
double GetRestLengthInit () const
double GetStrength () const
std::vector< double > GetTransporters1 () const
double GetTransporters1 (unsigned int ch) const
std::vector< double > GetTransporters2 () const
double GetTransporters2 (unsigned int ch) const
WallType::Type GetType () const
bool IsAuxinSink () const
bool IsAuxinSource () const
virtual void ReadPtree (boost::property_tree::ptree const &wall_pt)
void SetRestLength (double l)
void SetRestLengthInit (double l)
void SetStrength (double strength)
void SetTransporters1 (unsigned int ch, double val)
void SetTransporters1 (const std::vector< double > &transporter)
void SetTransporters2 (unsigned int ch, double val)
void SetTransporters2 (const std::vector< double > &transporter)
void SetType (WallType::Type type)
void Swap (WallAttributes &src)
virtual boost::property_tree::ptree ToPtree () const
 Convert the wall attributes to a ptree. More...

Protected Attributes

double m_rest_length
double m_rest_length_init
double m_strength
std::vector< double > m_transporters1
std::vector< double > m_transporters2
WallType::Type m_wall_type

Detailed Description

Attributes associated with a wall.

Definition at line 38 of file WallAttributes.h.

Member Function Documentation

ptree SimPT_Sim::WallAttributes::ToPtree ( ) const

Convert the wall attributes to a ptree.

The format of a wall attributes ptree is as follows:

<type>[the wall type]</type> <transporter1_array> (for every transporter1 in the wall) <transporter1>[the value of the transporter1]</transporter1> </transporter1_array> <transporter2_array> (for every transporter2 in the wall) <transporter2>[the value of the transporter2]</transporter2> </transporter2_array>

Reimplemented in SimPT_Sim::Wall.

Definition at line 108 of file WallAttributes.cpp.

References SimPT_Sim::WallType::ToString().

Referenced by SimPT_Sim::Wall::ToPtree().

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