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SimPT_Shell::CoupledCliController Class Reference

Command line interface application controller. More...

#include <CoupledCliController.h>

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void TerminationRequested ()
 Private signal, to be used for signaling that the simulation should stop.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CoupledCliController ()
 Virtual destructor.
int Execute (CliSimulationTask task)
 Execute the task defined via prior SetTask call. More...
Timings GetTimings () const
 Execution timings in duration units specified in Timeable base class. More...
void Terminate ()
 Request termination of the simulation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Timeable<>
virtual ~Timeable ()
 Destructor virtual for polymorphic class.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< CoupledCliControllerCreate (const std::string &workspace, bool quiet)
 Create controller. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Timeable<>
using Timings = typename ClockTraits< std::chrono::system_clock, typename std::chrono::system_clock::duration >::CumulativeTimings
- Public Types inherited from SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::ClockTraits< std::chrono::system_clock, typename std::chrono::system_clock::duration >
using Clock = std::chrono::system_clock
 Type for clock.
using CumulativeTimings = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::CumulativeRecords< typename std::chrono::system_clock::duration >
 Records with cumulative timing info.
using Duration = typename std::chrono::system_clock::duration
 Type for time duration units.
using IndividualTimings = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::IndividualRecords< typename std::chrono::system_clock::duration >
 Records with individual timing info.
using Stopclock = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Stopwatch< std::chrono::system_clock >
 Stopwatch to measure time durations.

Detailed Description

Command line interface application controller.

Definition at line 45 of file CoupledCliController.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::shared_ptr< CoupledCliController > SimPT_Shell::CoupledCliController::Create ( const std::string &  workspace,
bool  quiet 

Create controller.

workspacework space that it operates in
quietmode (verbosity)
Exceptionin case of work space problems

Definition at line 84 of file CoupledCliController.cpp.

References SimPT_Sim::Util::Exception::what().

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int SimPT_Shell::CoupledCliController::Execute ( CliSimulationTask  task)

Execute the task defined via prior SetTask call.

status indicates whether task ran OK.

Definition at line 115 of file CoupledCliController.cpp.

References SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Stopwatch< T >::Get(), and SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Stopwatch< T >::GetName().

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CoupledCliController::Timings SimPT_Shell::CoupledCliController::GetTimings ( ) const

Execution timings in duration units specified in Timeable base class.

records with timing info

Implements SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Timeable<>.

Definition at line 135 of file CoupledCliController.cpp.

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