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SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::ClockTraits< C, D > Class Template Reference

Types related to timekeeping. More...

#include <ClockTraits.h>

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Public Types

using Clock = C
 Type for clock.
using CumulativeTimings = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::CumulativeRecords< D >
 Records with cumulative timing info.
using Duration = D
 Type for time duration units.
using IndividualTimings = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::IndividualRecords< D >
 Records with individual timing info.
using Stopclock = SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::Stopwatch< C >
 Stopwatch to measure time durations.

Detailed Description

template<typename C = std::chrono::system_clock, typename D = typename C::duration>
class SimPT_Sim::ClockMan::ClockTraits< C, D >

Types related to timekeeping.

Definition at line 36 of file ClockTraits.h.

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