VPTissue Reference Manual
ComponentInterfaces.h File Reference

Interface of Model Components. More...

#include "sim/SimTimingTraits.h"
#include "sim/SimPhase.h"
#include <array>
#include <functional>
#include <tuple>
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 Namespace for the core simulator.


using SimPT_Sim::CellChemistryComponent = std::function< void(Cell *, double *)>
 CellChemistry component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellColorComponent = std::function< std::array< double, 3 >(Cell *)>
 CellColor component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellDaughtersComponent = std::function< void(Cell *, Cell *)>
 CellDaughters component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellHousekeepComponent = std::function< void(Cell *)>
 CellHousekeep component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellSplitComponent = std::function< std::tuple< bool, bool, std::array< double, 3 >>(Cell *)>
 CellSplit component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellToCellTransportBoundaryComponent = std::function< void(Wall *w, double *dchem_c1, double *dchem_c2)>
 CellToCellTransport boundary condition component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::CellToCellTransportComponent = std::function< void(Wall *, double *, double *)>
 CellToCellTransport component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::DeltaHamiltonianComponent = std::function< double(const NeighborNodes &, Node *, std::array< double, 3 >)>
 DeltaHamiltonian component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::HamiltonianComponent = std::function< double(Cell *)>
 Hamiltonian component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::MoveGeneratorComponent = std::function< std::array< double, 3 >()>
 MoveGenerator component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::TimeEvolverComponent = std::function< std::tuple< SimTimingTraits::CumulativeTimings, bool >(double, SimPhase)>
 Time Evolver component interface.
using SimPT_Sim::WallChemistryComponent = std::function< void(Wall *, double *, double *)>
 Wall chemistry component interface.

Detailed Description

Interface of Model Components.

Definition in file ComponentInterfaces.h.