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SimPT_Default::Hamiltonian::HHelper Class Reference

Helper function for writing hamiltonians. More...

#include <HHelper.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static double BendingTerm (Cell *cell)
 Bending term. More...
static double CellLengthTerm (Cell *cell)
static double EdgeTerm (Cell *cell, double stiffness, double distance)
 Edge length term.
static double ElasticWallTerm (Cell *cell, double stiffness)
static double WallLengthTerm (Cell *cell, double stiffness, double distance)

Detailed Description

Helper function for writing hamiltonians.

Definition at line 37 of file HHelper.h.

Member Function Documentation

static double SimPT_Default::Hamiltonian::HHelper::BendingTerm ( Cell cell)

Bending term.

Calculate radius of the circle through the current node and its neighbors (local curvature). Ideal bending state is flat. Strong bending energy to resist cleaving by division planes.

Definition at line 43 of file HHelper.h.

References SimPT_Sim::Cell::GetNodes(), SimPT_Sim::Container::make_const_circular(), SimPT_Sim::Container::next(), and SimPT_Sim::Container::prev().

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