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SimPT_Shell::StepSelection Class Reference

Class handling user input of ranges of steps. More...

#include <StepSelection.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StepSelection ()
 Constructs a selection with an empty ranges text (ie. everything is selected)
virtual ~StepSelection ()
std::set< int > ApplySelection (const std::set< int > &available) const
 Applies the selection to a set of available steps.
bool Contains (int step) const
 Checks whether the selection contains a specified step.
void SetSelectionText (const std::string &ranges)
 Sets the selected ranges of steps.

Static Public Attributes

static const QRegExp g_range_regex
 Regex for one range (start[-stop[:step]])
static const QRegExp g_repeated_regex
 Regex for a series of repeated ranges, separated by , of ;.

Detailed Description

Class handling user input of ranges of steps.

Extracts comma-separated step ranges in the format 'start[-stop[:step]]' from a string.

Definition at line 32 of file StepSelection.h.

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