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SimPT_Shell::VectorGraphicsPreferences Struct Reference

Preferences for a graphic viewer. More...

#include <VectorGraphicsPreferences.h>

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Public Types

enum  Format { Pdf, Eps }

Public Member Functions

void Update (const SimShell::Ws::Event::MergedPreferencesChanged &e)

Public Attributes

Format m_format
- Public Attributes inherited from SimPT_Shell::GraphicsPreferences
std::string m_arrow_color
double m_arrow_size
std::string m_background_color
 Qt color or "transparent".
bool m_border_cells
 Switch for drawing borders.
bool m_cell_axes
 Switch for drawing cell axes.
bool m_cell_centers
 Switch for drawing cell centers.
std::string m_cell_color
int m_cell_number_size
bool m_cell_numbers
 Switch for drawing cell numbers.
std::string m_cell_outline_color
bool m_cell_strain
 Switch for drawing cell strain.
bool m_cells
 Switch for drawing cells.
bool m_fluxes
 Switch for drawing fluxes.
double m_mesh_magnification
std::array< double, 3 > m_mesh_offset
double m_node_magnification
int m_node_number_size
bool m_node_numbers
 Switch for drawing node numbers.
bool m_nodes
 Switch for drawing nodes.
bool m_only_tissue_boundary
 Switch for drawing boundary.
double m_outline_width
std::string m_text_color
bool m_tooltips
 Switch for drawing tool tips.
bool m_walls
 Switch for drawing wall.
bool m_window_preset
double m_window_x_max
double m_window_x_min
double m_window_y_max
double m_window_y_min

Detailed Description

Preferences for a graphic viewer.

Definition at line 31 of file VectorGraphicsPreferences.h.

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