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SimPT_Shell::BitmapGraphicsExporter Class Reference

Collection of functions and data concerning PNG export of Sim objects. More...

#include <BitmapGraphicsExporter.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static bool Export (std::shared_ptr< SimPT_Sim::Sim > sim, std::string const &file_path, bool overwrite=true, std::shared_ptr< BitmapGraphicsPreferences > prefs=std::make_shared< BitmapGraphicsPreferences >())
 Export snapshot of canvas in PNG format. More...

Detailed Description

Collection of functions and data concerning PNG export of Sim objects.

Definition at line 38 of file BitmapGraphicsExporter.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool SimPT_Shell::BitmapGraphicsExporter::Export ( std::shared_ptr< SimPT_Sim::Sim sim,
std::string const &  file_path,
bool  overwrite = true,
std::shared_ptr< BitmapGraphicsPreferences prefs = std::make_shared<BitmapGraphicsPreferences>() 

Export snapshot of canvas in PNG format.

eEvent containing canvas to render.
pathPath where to save image.
overwriteWhether to overwrite if path already exists.
size_xImage width
size_yImage height
true if successful

Definition at line 48 of file BitmapGraphicsExporter.cpp.

References SimPT_Shell::MeshDrawer::Draw().

Referenced by SimPT_Shell::Session::SimSession::GetExporters().

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