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SimPT_Shell::Viewer::RootViewerNode< SubjectType > Class Template Reference

Viewer node that acts as the root of the tree of viewers. More...

#include <RootViewerNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RootViewerNode (std::shared_ptr< SimShell::Ws::MergedPreferences >, std::shared_ptr< SubjectType > subject, SimShell::Gui::Controller::AppController *a=nullptr)
 RootViewerNode (std::shared_ptr< SimShell::Ws::MergedPreferences > p, std::shared_ptr< SimPT_Sim::CoupledSim > subject, SimShell::Gui::Controller::AppController *a)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimShell::Viewer::SubjectNode< SubjectType >
 SubjectNode (std::shared_ptr< Ws::MergedPreferences > p, std::shared_ptr< SubjectType > s, IViewerNode::ChildrenMap &&c)
 SubjectNode (std::shared_ptr< Ws::MergedPreferences > p, std::shared_ptr< SubjectType > s)
virtual IViewerNode::ChildrenMap::const_iterator begin () const
 Get iterator pointing to first child.
virtual void Disable ()
 Disable node.
virtual void Enable ()
 Enable node.
virtual IViewerNode::ChildrenMap::const_iterator end () const
 Get iterator pointing to one position after last child.
virtual bool IsEnabled () const
 Test whether node is enabled. More...
virtual bool IsParentEnabled () const
 Test whether parent node is enabled.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimShell::Viewer::IViewerNode
virtual ~IViewerNode ()
 Virtual destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimPT_Sim::Util::Subject< Event::ViewerEvent, std::weak_ptr< const void > >
void Notify (const EventType &)
void Register (const U *, CallbackType)
void Unregister (const U *)
void UnregisterAll ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SimShell::Viewer::IViewerNode
typedef std::map< std::string, std::shared_ptr< IViewerNode > > ChildrenMap
- Public Types inherited from SimPT_Sim::Util::Subject< Event::ViewerEvent, std::weak_ptr< const void > >
typedef std::function< void(const EventType &)> CallbackType
typedef Event::ViewerEvent EventType
typedef const std::weak_ptr< const void > * KeyType

Detailed Description

template<typename SubjectType>
class SimPT_Shell::Viewer::RootViewerNode< SubjectType >

Viewer node that acts as the root of the tree of viewers.

Doesn't manage a viewer instance. Informs its children viewers of changes to its subject (which it co-owns).

Definition at line 44 of file RootViewerNode.h.

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