VPTissue Reference Manual
SimPT_Default::TimeEvolver Namespace Reference

Namespace for time evolver components of the Default model group. More...


class  Grow
 Growth and division time evolution algorithm. More...
class  Housekeep
 Housekeep time step algorithm. More...
class  HousekeepGrow
 HousekeepGrow time step is a composite: Grow then Housekeep. More...
class  Transport
 Time evolution of reaction, diffusion and active transport process. More...
class  VLeaf
 VLeaf1 algorithm for time evolution. More...
class  VPTissue
 Composite time step: ReactionAndTransport, then Grow and then Housekeep. More...


const ComponentTraits< TimeEvolverTag >::MapType g_component_factories
 Stores cell chemistry component factories. More...

Detailed Description

Namespace for time evolver components of the Default model group.

Variable Documentation

const ComponentTraits< TimeEvolverTag >::MapType SimPT_Default::TimeEvolver::g_component_factories
Initial value:
make_pair("Grow", boost::value_factory<Grow>()),
make_pair("Housekeep", boost::value_factory<Housekeep>()),
make_pair("HousekeepGrow", boost::value_factory<HousekeepGrow>()),
make_pair("Transport", boost::value_factory<Transport>()),
make_pair("VLeaf", boost::value_factory<VLeaf>()),
make_pair("VPTissue", boost::value_factory<VPTissue>())

Stores cell chemistry component factories.

Definition at line 38 of file Default/components/time_evolver/factories.cpp.

Referenced by SimPT_Default::ComponentFactory::CreateTimeEvolver(), and SimPT_Default::ComponentFactory::ListTimeEvolver().