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ViewerNode.h File Reference

Interface for ViewerNode. More...

#include "IViewerNode.h"
#include "gui/controller/AppController.h"
#include "workspace/MergedPreferences.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <type_traits>
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struct  SimShell::Viewer::InitNotifier< ViewerType, SubjectType >
struct  SimShell::Viewer::Register< enabled >
struct  SimShell::Viewer::Register< true >
struct  SimShell::Viewer::viewer_is_subject< ViewerType >
struct  SimShell::Viewer::viewer_is_widget< ViewerTYpe >
class  SimShell::Viewer::ViewerNode< ViewerType, SubjectType >
 Template implementing a node in a hierarchical tree of viewers.Parameters: More...


 Namespace for generic graphical shell for simulators.
 Namespace for viewer classes.

Detailed Description

Interface for ViewerNode.

Definition in file ViewerNode.h.